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I started MySingleFriend back in 2004 because I’m a notorious "fixer" and had been at pains for ages wondering if there was an easier way to match-make my friends without terrifying them!

I realised that if friends wrote descriptions for a single friend and placed them all in the same place, they could check each other out - and so MySingleFriend was born. At the time, online dating still had a bit of a stigma attached to it - we soon banished that, providing an innovative modern approach to finding likeminded people.

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Your friends are better able to convey what you’re really like rather than you having to big yourself up in your description, it’s more lighthearted and honest this way.

MySingle Friend continues to be one of the UK’s most popular dating sites because our friends will always be involved in our love lives and MySingleFriend incorporates the social element which mirrors real life dating, making it a social dating site and even better, a community!