Sarah Beeny is a renowned property expert, businesswoman and TV presenter, well-known for fronting shows such as Double Your House for Half the Money, Restoration Nightmare, Renovate Don't Relocate, Property Ladder and Sarah Beeny's New Life in the Country.

Sarah set up her property development company aged just 24 along with her brother Diccon and now husband, Graham Swift. As well as her successful broadcasting career, she and Graham have created a number of influential and exciting businesses.

In 2005, Sarah launched The site was a phenomenal success and pivotal in changing the UK’s attitude to online dating.

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In 2012, Sarah, Graham and their 4 sons opened the doors of their exquisite home, Rise Hall to allow viewers of Sarah Beeny's Restoration Nightmare to follow their long-term epic restoration project. The TV show charted a painful and extremely rewarding journey as Sarah and her family turned a total wreck into a unique and beautiful wedding and events venue.

Sarah spent much of her time in 2014 revolutionising the way in which we sell our homes, launching her online estate agency, saving customers millions of pounds in fees and disrupting the industry.

In 2019, Sarah and family upped sticks and moved to the West Country to embark upon a new way of life and their biggest building project to date. New documentary series, Sarah Beeny's New Life in the Country for Channel 4, gives viewers unprecedented access to her family, in a thoroughly charming show that reveals how they're adapting to their new lives and how they're juggling this with building their new home.

With over 25 years experience, Sarah is one of the most familiar and trusted names in the world of property and has written regular columns for national newspapers and magazines, in addition to numerous books. Her latest book is Sarah Beeny's 100 DIY Jobs, a straight-talking guide to the most frequently tackled household DIY jobs.

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