Fun ways to preserve money when saving for a home

The process of buying and moving into a new home is by no means inexpensive, and for many people it can take years of scrimping and saving to be able to take the property plunge. The words ‘save money’ can often fill people with dread, but there are some ways to make it slightly more fun.

Get a saving ‘buddy’ or ‘club’ with friends and agree you’ll help each other by not tempting each other into unnecessary spending.    You can even compete as to how little you can spend when entertaining the others – you’d be amazed when you put your mind to it what can be achieved.

Don’t ‘go shopping’ as an activity – only shop if you need to buy something and ideally do this online so as to focus the mind.  If you do go shopping stop just before you get to the till and take a good look at your basket – if you put everything back, would your life be materially different or would it actually be more clutter free and leave your wallet fuller not to mention making less impact on the environment? Ok, that’s not fun, but it is necessary.

Cut out the gym and travel costs in one fell swoop and cycle, walk or run to work.  Even if it takes an hour, you’ll feel good for it and stack up huge savings.

There are literally hundreds of galleries and parks that are free to visit – get onto the web – do some research and plan some fun filled (and free) weekends.

Instead of expensive holidays, go camping! Huddling under your sleeping bags and roasting marshmallows over a fire can actually be loads of fun, and if you have any friends or family with a big enough garden you can use for this, it’s practically free!  Scout campsites and Youth Hostels also offer really affordable places to bunk down if you’re prepared to enter into the spirit.

Cook at home. This is not only loads cheaper than eating at a restaurant, but it can be lots of fun to try out new recipes and let your partner/family muck in with cooking time. Bonus points if you also take your lunch to work rather than buy it out.  Double bonus points if you make your morning coffee at home and pop it in a flask.

If you have the space and time, try growing your own veg. This is incredibly rewarding and can cut your food costs considerably during certain months of the year.

Just a few nifty tips and tricks to cut back on your spending will speed up the time it takes to get into your new home! Some may seem like relatively small changes, but remember, every penny makes a pound.


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