It’s really exciting to have a place where I can talk about all the things I spend lots of time on.

I’ve always stood for clarity, straightforward simple advice and value for money. All my projects, however different, stand for the same thing.

We’ve just launched a great new ad for my estate agency, Tepilo. I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to be able to help people sell their homes with all the support they need but without charging them a fortune to do it. The brilliant Tepilo team are saving people thousands of pounds every day!

Rise Hall has hosted some absolutely stunning weddings over the summer, check out the glorious photos on our facebook page, www.facebook.com/risehallweddings

Single people hooking up together is, as always, a huge joy! Over the summer, My Single Friend has become stacked with gorgeous, fun and friendly people…what are you waiting for… www.mysinglefriend.com

My most recent project “Sarah Beeny Home” has been a wonderfully creative process to be part of. Designing decorative handles that work for all styles and project size and coming up with ways to reuse and revamp tired pieces of furniture has been really exciting. I hate the throwaway society we live in, so reusing old, well made pieces rather than chucking out and replacing with poorly made new ones is an absolute no brainer for me!

x Sarah