Inventing Time – a cushion rant

We all know there is nothing better than arriving home from work to a beautifully made bed. However before you invest in a pile of carefully colour co-ordinated cushions to make your bedroom look like a boutique hotel, consider this…

If you spend 2 mins every night and 3 mins every morning taking the cushions off the bed and putting them back on again, you will have spent 35 mins a week ‘dealing with’ them.

Over a year, this equates to more than a whole 24 hr day, a day and quarter in fact (cut out sleeping time and its 2 days!).  Bearing in mind we are all time short, perhaps its worth considering whether its better not to ‘dress your bed’.

This way you will have effectively ‘invented time’ and this time can be spent doing something altogether more enjoyable and probably also rather more rewarding.

Now, what else can I save time on….